Control Systems and Computers, N5, 2019, Article 3

Control Systems and Computers, 2019, Issue 5 (283), pp. 23-28.

UDK  364.2:331; 681.513

L.M. Koliechkina, Doctor (Phys. and Math.), Professor, University of Lodz, 22 Banaha st., Lodz, 90-238, Poland,

A.M. Nahirna, PhD, (Phys. and Math.), Associate ProfessorNational University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, 2 Skovoroda st., Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine

 The Practical Aspect of Using a Combinatorial Model on Configuration of Combinations

The paper proposes the practical task of choosing a set of programs to protect information at the enterprise. An optimization mathematical model is built on the configuration of combinations to solve the task. An algorithm for finding a solution to this optimization problem is presented. A practical example of the use of a mathematical model and the search for the best choice of a set of programs for data protection at the enterprise is given.

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 Keywords: information security, combinatorial optimization, mathematical model, a configuration of combinations, objective function, restrictions.

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  Received 13.11.2019