Contents, N5, 2017


Control Systems and Computers, N 5 (271), 2017

Title, Contents. P.1-2.

The Fundamental and Applied Problems of Information Science and Information Technologies

Palagin A.V., Boyun V.P., Yakovlev Yu.S. The problems of Creation the Computer Systems with Nаnоelement Base Application. P 3-15.

New Methods in Informatics

Rytsar B.Ye. A Simple Minimization Method of the Variables Number in Complete and Incomplete Logic Functions. Part 2. P. 16-24.

The Methods and Means of Data Knowledge Processing

Babichev S.A. Technology of Wavelet-Filtration of the Gene Expression Profiles in Order to Remove the Background Noise. P.25-42.

Fefelov A.A., Litvinenko V.I., Taif M.A., Lurie I.A. Parametric Identification of the S-system Using a Modified Clonal Selection Algorithm. P. 43-53.

Supplement. The Elaboration and Application

Melnykov S.V., Volkov A.Ye., Korshunov N.V., Hryshchenko Yu.Yu. Using Unmanned Aerial Systems as the Mobile Radio Communication Complexes. P. 54-61.

Voloshenyuk D.A., Pavlova S.V. The Aircraft Landing Management in Conditions of Increasing the Air Traffic Intensity. P. 62-74.

Komar N.N. The Concept of the Aircraft Fault-Tolerant Control Improvement. P. 75-85.

Malyshko S.A. Information Technology of the Media Space Analysis Based on the System NEWSCAPE. P. 86-92.

Our Authors. P. 93