Contents, N5 (283), 2019

Control Systems and Computers, N 5 (283), 2019


Contents. pp.1-2.

Memory of Prof. Igor Velbitskyy. pp. 3-4.

Fundamental Problems in Computer Science

Rytsar B.Ye. A New Method for Symmetry Recognition in Boolean Functions Based on the Set-Theoretical Logic Differentiation. II. pp. 5-11.

Barkalov A.A., Titarenko L.A., Visor Ya.Ye., Matvienko A.V. Synthesis of a Four-Level Schema of a Combined Automaton. pp. 12-22.

Koliechkina L.M., Nahirna A.M. The Practical Aspect of Using a Combinatorial Model on Configuration of Combinations. C. 23-29.

Intelligent Information Technologies and Systems

Hlybovets A.M., Mogolivskiy V.O. Analysing of Systems for Maintaining a Smart Home. pp. 30-37.

Witkowski T. The DABC and TLBO Algorithms for Solve Job Shop Scheduling Problem. C. 38-47.

Pogorilyy S.D., Kramov A.A. Method of Noun Phrase Detection in Ukrainian Texts. pp. 48-61.

Bulgakova O.S., Zosimov V.V. Reactive Programming Paradigm for Development User Interfaces. pp. 62-69.


Babak O.V., Surovtsev I.V., Tatarinov O.E., Galimova V.MThe Method of  Psychophysical Scale Constructing for Assessing the Conditions of the Studied Objectpp. 70-79.

Our Authors. pp. 80.