Control Systems and Computers, N4, 2019, Article 5

UDC 004.9:004.75

Yu.M. LYSETSKYI, Dr. of Eng. Sci., General Director, DP «S&T UKRAINE», Prosp. Akad. Palladina, 44, 03680, Kiev, Ukraine,

Ye.P. SEREDOVICH, Senior Engineer for Platforms and Operating Systems Support, DP «S&T UKRAINE», Prosp. Akad. Palladina, 44, 03680, Kiev, Ukraine,


The paper considers software-defined storages, their essential requirements, features, as well as advantages and disadvantages of solutions by the different vendors. The most widely spread OpenSource products used to build software-defined storages are analysed. An example of functioning software-defined storage based on non-commercial software Gluster and decommissioned hardware is given. The paper describes storage architecture which provides the reliable storing of information with minimal costs incurred.

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Keywords: Software-Defines Storages, OpenSource, SDS, software, backup system, virtualization, volume, scalability, architecture.

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 Received 05.08.2019