Contents, N4 (282), 2019

Control Systems and Computers, N 4 (282), 2019


Contents. pp.1-2.

Fundamental Problems in Computer Science

Rytsar B.Ye. A New Method for Symmetry Recognition in Boolean Functions Based on the Set-Theoretical Logic Differentiation. I. pp. 3-13.

Intelligent Information Technologies and Systems

Meytus V.Yu., Morozova G.I., Taran L.Yu., Kozlova V.P., Maidaniuk N.V. Cyber-physical Systems as the Basis for the Intellectualization of “Smart” Enterprises. pp.  14-26.

Ivashchenko M.V., Okhrymchuk D.D., Lyushenko L.A. Integer Norm for Difference Assessment of the Frame Elements Considering the White Balance. pp. 27-34.

Surovtsev I.V., Babak O.V., Galimova V.M. Methods Estimating the Degree of Soil Contamination by Heavy Metals in Precision Farming. pp. 35-41.


Lysetskyi Yu.M., Seredovich Ye.P. Software-Defined Storages as a Tool of Lowering IT Infrastructure Costs. pp. 42-48.

Pezentsali H.O., Kovalenko O.S., Maresova T.A., Nenasheva L.V. ISO Standards Exploratory Search for Information Management of Medical Products Workflow. pp. 49-61.

Tutova O.V., Savchenko Ye.A. Ukraine in the Information and Communication Technology Development Ranking. II. pp. 62-74.

Our Authors. pp. 75-76.

Instruction for the Authors. pp. 77-80.