Contents, N3 (281), 2019

Control Systems and Computers, N 3 (281), 2019


Contents. pp.1-2.

Fundamental Problems in Computer Science

Tymofijeva N.К. On Some Approaches to Estimating the Optimal Solution of Combinatorial Optimization Problems. pp. 3-14.

Semeniuta M.F., Sherman Z.O. On New Properties of Graphs with Magic Type Labeling. pp. 15-22.

Intelligent Information Technologies and Systems

Palagin O.V., Petrenko M.G. Some Features of the Construction of Ontological Domain Models. pp. 23-37.

Stepashko V.S., Yefimenko S.M., Pavlov A.V. Recurrent-and-Parallel GMDH Algorithms for High-Performance Computing. pp. 38-51.


Bulgakova O.S., Kudriavtsev A.V., Zosimov V.V., Pozdeev V.O. Algorithmic modifications in procedural generation systems. pp. 52-59.

Khodakovskyi M.I., Budnyk M.M., Kobzar T.A., Kryachok T.V. Use of Multisensor Gazoanalizator for the Еesting of Air Composition During Human Breathing. pp. 60-69.

Tutova O.V., Savchenko Ye.A. Ukraine in the Information and Communication Technology Development Ranking. I. pp. 70-78.

Our authors. pp. 79-80.