Control Systems and Computers, N2, 2019, Article 7

Upr. sist. maš., 2019, Issue 2 (280), pp. 80-87.

UDC 004.9:004.75

Yu.M. LISETSKYI, Doctor of Technical Sciences, General Director, DP «S&T UKRAINE», Prosp. Akad. Palladina, 03680, Kiev, Ukraine 44,

S.V. KOZACHENKO, Platforms & Operating Systems Engineer,
DP «S&T UKRAINE», Prosp. Akad. Palladina, 03680, Kiev, Ukraine 44,


Introduction. As the volumes of information stored to different storage devices steadily grow, the issue of storage reliability becomes more and more complicated. One of the information protection tools is the backup copying and creation of information archives for quick data access.

Main Backup Systems and their Features. Major manufacturers of modern backup systems are IBM offering Tivoli Storage Manager, EMC offering Neworker and Avamar, Veritas offering Backup Exec and NetBackup systems.

Backup Exec and NetBackup are the complex solutions for different types of backups. They use V-Ray technology which is able to control virtual file systems and applications with further transparent copying and file deduplication which reduces the size of backup copy.

There is also implemented a data deduplication technology in Backup Exec and NetBackup which reduces data duplication and number of physical carriers for storage. Backup solution by Veritas offers three types of deduplication: at client/source side; at server; at device. Its usage accelerates backup copying up to 10 times and reduces backup size up to 95%.

Backup Exeс is the most widely spread backup solution. It can protect both physical and virtual environments. Its main advantages are: backup copying to any storages and quick creation of instant copies of virtual machines; virtual machines protection; restoring after disasters.

NetBackup is a cross-platform backup solution suitable for big data volumes and complex protection of physical and virtual systems, applications and databases in corporate data centres. Typical configuration of NetBackup has three-level architecture:  master server; media server; agent. Its main advantages are: centralized management; automated restore; remote tape storage management and additional features enhancing functionality.

Conclusion. Thus, Backup Exeс will meet demands of organizations with major information services operating under Windows and with backup processes using several storages. NetBackup is best suited for organizations with heterogeneous infrastructure where information services work under different operating systems and use big data volumes. The backup solutions considered in this paper are a critically important component of organizational infrastructure and an effective tool of information protection.

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Keywords: data, information protection, backup, restore, informational and technological infrastructure, technology, deduplication, virtual machines.


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Received 06.03.2019