Contents, N1, 2019


Control Systems and Computers, N 1 (279), 2019


Contents. P.1-2.

Fundamental and Applied Problems 
of Computer Science

Horbulin V.P., Hulianytskyi LF.., Sergienko I.V. Formulations and Mathematical Models of Problems of Optimizing Routes of Aircraft with Dynamic Depots. pp. 

Tymofijeva N.K. On Some Approaches to Estimating the Optimal Solution of Combinatorial Optimization Problems. pp. 

Fainzilberg L.S. Modified Optimal Stoping Method in the Problem of a Sequential Alternatives Analysis. pp.

Intellectual Informational
Technologies and Systems

Rudenko O.G., Bezsonov A.A. The Regularized Adaline Learning Algorithm for the Problem of Evaluation of Non-Stationary Parameters. pp.

Zosimov V.V. Construction of the Corporate Web Resource General Structure. pp.

Bobrovnyk K. , Dukhnovska K., Pyroh M. Subject Classification Of Ukrainian Texts, Difficulties Of Its Introduction

The Methods and Means of Data and
Knowledge Processing

Oursatyev A.A. Big Data. Analytical Databases and Data Warehouse: Netezza

Problems of Information Security

Lisetskyi I.M. Complex Security of the Corporate Information Systems. pp.

Supplement. The Elaboration and Application

Rybachok N.A. Browser-Based Volunteer Computing Systems’ Behavior Modeling Using Web Workers. pp.

Our Authors. pp.