Contents, N4, 2017


Control Systems and Computers, N 4 (270), 2017

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Fundamental and Applied Problems of Computer Science

Gritsenko V.I., Oursatyev A.A Big Data and the Tools for Analytics. P. 3-14.

The Visual Thinking

Timashova L.A., Leschenko V.A., Morozova A.I., Taran L.Yu. Building an Intelligent Management System Using the Imaginative Thinking. P. 15-23.

Theory of Systems and Intellectual Management

Komnatska M.M., Bondarenko D.P. Intelligent Flight Control System Design for the Small UAV Based on the Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System. P. 24-31.

New Methods in Informatics

Rytsar B.Ye. A Simple Minimization Method of the Variables Number in Complete and Incomplete Logic Functions. Part 1. P.32-42.

Informatics Hardware Facilities

Barkalov A.A., Titarenko L.A., Vizor Ya.Ye, Matvienko A.V. Reducing the Hardware Amount for the Combined Automata. P.43-50.

Perlov Ye.F. Some Aspects of the Dynamic of the Transient Rotary Operating Element Under the Influence of the Elastic and Viscoelastic Forces. P. 51-58.

Program Engineering and Software

Ilin N.I. Information Technology of Monitoring of Atmosphere Pollution by the Chemically Interacting Contaminants with Anomalous Properties. P. 59-66.

The Methods and Means of Data and Knowledge Processing 

Fefelov A.A., Litvinenko V.I., Taif M.A., Voronenko M.A. Object-Oriented Architecture of the Information System for the Reconstruction of the Gene Regulatory Networks. P. 67-75, 82.

E-learning Systems

Antoniuk Ya.M., Prus T.N. Technological Aspects of Preparing the Training Content for Supporting Mass Life-Long Learning. P. 76-82.

Supplement. The Elaboration and Application

Pavlova S.V., Volkov A.Ye. The Conflict Interaction of Airships in Collision Prevention Threats. P. 83-91.

Our Authors. P. 92.