The 100th of National Academy of Science of Ukraine

In Kyiv on November 27, 1918, the First Constituent Assembly of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences took place, this date is considered the day it was founded. The first President and founder of the Academy, Vladimir Vernadsky, laid the foundation for the Academy’s establishment a combination of principles of state subordination and self-government, as well as fundamentalism with a practical orientation of scientific research.

The remarkable periods of NAS` development were 30-50th years, for which its infrastructure was created, a number of scientific institutes and scientific-industrial complexes were founded, and the period of 50-90th , when important priority scientific areas were started up, the significant results of which became preconditions for the establishment and development of Ukraine. The 100-year history of the Academy is a path full of constant creative search, the ascetic work of scientists, the way for which the leading domestic science schools were created by such prominent scholars as M. Amosov, M. Bogolyubov, O Bohomolets, O. Brodsky, D. Grave, V. Glushkov, O. Dinnik, L. Landau, Yu. Mitropolsky, E. Paton and B. Paton, K. Sinelnikov, M. Strazhesko, V. Trefilov, V. Filatov, I. Frantsevich, and others.

The scientific institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine have implemented tens of thousands of new developments, including information technologies for various industries and social sphere, modern automated complexes, equipment and materials, effective methods of management and plant sorts, etc. The concept of the Academy’s work, developed by academician V. Vernadsky, made it possible to form a unique multifaceted research complex in Ukraine, in which the effective synthesis of fundamental scientific problems with the solution of the actual tasks of the technological, economic, social, political, and cultural development.