Control Systems and Computers, N1, 2017, Article 5


Upr. sist. maš., 2017, Issue 1 (267), pp. 46-58.

UDC 519.6

O.N. Lytvyn 1, O.O. Lytvyn 2, G.D. Lisny 3, A.V. Slavik 4

The New Method of Image Recovery in the Areas of Absence of Information About Pixels

1 – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Science, Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy Kharkiv, 61003 vul. Universitets’ka, 16, Ukraine, E-mail: ,

2 – PhD of Physical and Mathematical Science, Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy Kharkiv, 61003 vul. Universitets’ka, 16, Ukraine, E-mail:,

3 –  Doctor of Geological Sciences, Kyiv National University named after Taras Shevchenko, LLC “Tutkowski integrated solutions “, Kiev, Ukraine,

4 –  Post graduate student, Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy Kharkiv, 61003 vul. Universitets’ka, 16, Ukraine, E-mail:

Introduction. Sometimes in the files containing the graphics information defects (empty subareas of image, etc.) are detected. So, it is urgent to develop the methods for image reconstruction in those parts, where the information is missing, or it is not fully known (for example, damaged).

Purpose.  The task of restoring the image in the areas of absence of information about pixels is extremely important. Such problems arise in engineering, seismography, processing of remote sensing data, etc. To solve such problems Lytvyn O.N. and Matveeva S.Y. has developed the method of interstripation, that are received from satellites or from radar installed on airplanes. In given work this method has been used as a basis to create a modified method of interstripation.

Results. In this article the theoretical foundations of modified method of interstripation and the standard method of interstripation are presented. The computational experiments are carried out for the cases where the unidentified area are presented as a system of horizontal, vertical or orthogonally related stripes. In all cases the images are restored by the modified method of interstripation and the standard method of interstripation. The obtained results are compared between themselves and with the original image.

Keywords: image, image recovery, interstripation, modified interstripation.

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