Contents, N6, 2018


Control Systems and Computers, N 6 (278), 2018


Contents. P.1-2.

The 100th of National Academy of Science of Ukraine. pp. 3-4.

The 100th Birthday Anniversary President of National Academy of Science of Ukraine Academician B.Ye. Paton. pp. 5-6.

From the 100th of National Academy of Science of Ukraine

Vintsuk T.K., Sazhok M.M.,Selukh R.A., Fedorin D.Ya., Yukhimenko O.A., Robeyko V.V. Automatic recognition, understanding and synthesis of speech signals in Ukraine. pp. 7-24.

Intellectual Informational Technologies and Systems

Yefimenko S.M., Stepashko V.S. Forecast Analyst as an Effective Tool for Decision Support in Digital Economy Systems. pp. 25-35.

Sukhoruchkina O.N., Progonnyi N.V. On the formation of the object models by autonomous mobile robot resources. pp. 36-45.

Tymchyshyn R.M, Volkov A.Ye., Gospodarchuk A.Yu., Bogachuk Yu.P. Modern approaches to computer vision. pp.  46-73.

Supplement. The Elaboration and Application

Antonyuk Ya.M., Oleksyuk T.N., Kovalenko Ya.O., Shiyak B.A. The principles of the machine learning application in classification of network traffic. pp. 74-80.

Tutova O.V., Savchenko Ye.A. Assessment of Influence of Digital Economy Development on Social and Economic Environment. pp.  81-92.

Alphabetical Index of Names, 2018. pp. 93

Systematic Index of Articles Published in 2018. pp. 94-96.