Contents, N5, 2018


Control Systems and Computers, N 5 (277), 2018


Contents. P.1-2.

Fundamental and Applied Problems of Computer Science

Tymofijeva N.K. On Some Properties of the Set of Solutions of the Salesman Problem. pp. 3-12.

Semeniuta M.F., Sherman Z.A., Dmitriiev O.N. Incomplete tournaments and magic types of labeling. pp. 13-24.

Intellectual Informational Technologies and Systems

Bondar S.A., Kozhokhina O.V., Borovik V.O., Linder Ya.N., Korshunov M.V. Groups of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Usage Perspectives and Peculiarities. pp. 25-37.

Informatics Hardware Facilities

Barkalov A.A., Titarenko L.A., Visor Ya.Ye., Matvienko A.V. Encoding of Collections of Microoperations in Combined Automation. pp. 38-46.

E-Learning Systems

Gritsenko V.I., Manako A.F., Sinitsa E.M. Digital Transformations and Mass Continuous Learning. pp. 47-61.

Supplement. The Elaboration and Application                      

Antonyuk Ya.M. Performance evaluation of computer campus network segments. pp. 62-68.

Romanyuk O.O. Information provision function digital medical storage images in the information environment health care institution. pp. 69-78.

Solovchuk K. YuMathematical models for typical continued computer-oriented process control. pp. 79-92.