Contents, N4, 2018


Control Systems and Computers, N 4 (276), 2018


Contents. P.1-2.

The 100th of National Academy of Science of Ukraine                                     

Goltsev A.D., Gritsenko V.I. Neural Network Technologies in the Problem of Handwriting Recognition. pp. 3-20.

Intellectual Informational Technologies and Systems

Moroz O.H. Software Package for Inductive Modeling Based on Combinatorial-Genetic Method. pp. 21-31.

Zosimov V.V. An Integrated Approach to Improving the Efficiency of Web Data Processing Based on Semantic Markup. pp. 32-45.

Informatics Hardware Facilities   

Pogorilyy S.D., Kryvyi S.L., Slynko M.S. Design and Model Justification of GPU-Based Applications. pp. 46-56.

Supplement. The Elaboration and Application

Kovalenko A.S., Kozak L.M., Romanyuk О.A., Maresova Т.А., Nenasheva L.V., Finyak G.I. Mobile Applications in the Structure of Modern Medical Information Systems. pp. 57-69.

Reshetnykov D.S. EEG Analysis of Person Familiarity with Audio-Video Data Assessing Task. pp. 70-83.

Tokova O.V. The Task of the Computer Technology Construction for Thermal Processes Modeling of Foundry Production. pp. 84-95.