Contents, N3, 2018


Control Systems and Computers, N 3 (275), 2018


Contents. P.1-2.

Fundamental and Applied Problems of Computer Science                                    

Fainzilberg L.S. Intellectual Information Technologies — Main Tool for Digital Medicine p. 3-17

Intellectual Informational Technologies and Systems

Pidnebesna H.A. Ontological Approach to Designing Metamodel of the Subject Area of Inductive Modelling p. 18-32

Voronenko M.A. Event Model for Localization of Emergency Situations  p. 33-41

Informatics Hardware Facilities

Barkalov A.A., Titarenko K.A., Visor Ya.E., Matvienko O.V., Kadet N.P. Encoding of Collections of Microoperations in Combined Automation p. 42-50

Supplement. The Elaboration and Application

Zosimov V.V. , Khrystodorov O.V., Bulgakova O.S. Technology of web applications based on the cyber-entities identification.  p. 51-59

Shahmaliyev Mammad. Simulation Model of Infinite Perishable Queueing Inventory System with Feedback  p. 60-68

Voloshchuk R.V. Construction of Information Technology for Solving the Integrated Evaluation Problems and   Forecasting the State of the Economic Security  p. 69-84

Current Events, Conferences, Exhibitions, Letters to the Editors, Discussions, New Books

Bilyk V.K. To the Question on Life Simulation with the Help of Technical Means (On Some Analogues in   Technique and Living World)  p. 85-96