For the Authors

  1. Manuscript is submitted on white paper printed in 2 intervals, not more than 30 papers, on the one side of the sheet of paper of A4 size (type body 12) and electronically.
  2. Abstracts in 2 copies should be printed on the separate sheet of paper (up to 5 lines). Names of authors, the manuscript’s title, key words should be pointed out. All listed above should be printed in 2 intervals in Russian, Ukrainian, and English. Also an extended abstract in English should be submitted (1 page).
  3. A covering letter signed by the head of the organization.
  4. A file with the text of the manuscript, abstracts, information about authors should be sent to,
  5. Information about authors should contain name, academic degree, place of employment, position, postal address, telephone number, fax, e-mail both in Russian and in English.
  6. A copy of the subscription receipt for the journal “Control Systems and Computers” should be submitted by every author (not less than for half a year).
  7. The authors’ representative on behalf of all authors signs a contract with the Editorial Board of the journal “Control Systems and Computers” to publish a manuscript. (Download)
  8. Автор самостоятельно указывает тематику статьи.
  9. The author independently defines the research topic.