Control Systems and Computers, N5, 2016, Article 8


Upr. sist. maš., 2016, Issue 5 (265), pp. 62-75.

UDC 004.7:004.75:004.9:004.738.5

Oursatyev Alexey A., PhD (Eng.), Leading Research Associate, International Research and Training Centre of Information Technologies and Systems of the NAS and MES of Ukraine, Glushkov ave., 40, Kyiv, 03187, Ukraine,

Some Frameworks for Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Introduction. The work is the final stage of research related to the use of the theory and tools for processing Big Data in problems of intellectual analysis of situations.

Purpose. The machine Learning (Machine Learning, ML) and distributed processing of the large data collections on Apache Mahout with the automatic search ability for relevant laws are considered. Its realization through the use of MapReduce paradigm and framework Spark is compared.

Methods. The representation of data and mechanisms to restore their failures, the method of calculation and the ability to cache data in memory are considered. The latter is a key tool for fast interactive use. Spark is implemented on Scala. It combines the best features of functional and object-oriented programming languages, and uses it as an application of the environment development. It provides the application programming interface for the Java language, Scala, Python and R, invites more than 80 high-level operators that makes it easily accessible for the construction of a parallel applications.

Results. Interactive mathematical environment Mahout Samsara ML includes an extended version of Scala. Mahout Samsara or
the Scala & Spark Bindings are necessary for creation the semantically friendly conditions for еру linear algebra, and is built
in the image of the base package in R. The linear algebra works with scalars, vectors, matrices and distribution lines of the matrices (distributed row matrix, DRMs). DRM is a new abstraction, introduced in Apache Mahout for the representation and processing matrices convenience. One of the main elements of Mahout Samsara is algebraic DSL Scala and expressions optimizer. ML Mllib, supports the scalable universal linear algebra and includes many modern algorithms.

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Keywords:  Frameworks for Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning data processing, Apache Mahout, MapReduce, Mahout Samsara, Spark.

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