20 years Anniversary of Scientific-Educational Center of Informational Technology and Systems

May 5, 2017 International Center turns 20 years old.

The International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies and Systems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine was established in accordance with the decision of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to conduct research in the field of informatics, information technology (IT) economic and other needs of innovative development of the country.

The basic directions of fundamental and applied scientific research in the International Center are the creation of intelligent information technologies based on methods and means of figurative thinking, complex studies of problems of intellectual management, intellectual robotics, digital medicine, e-learning, information space and technologies for the development of a secure information society.

In the main activities of the International Center, scientific schools in the field of information technologies and systems, technical, biological and medical cybernetics, mathematical analysis of complex economic systems are formed. A significant contribution to the development of these scientific schools was made by outstanding Ukrainian scientists – academicians V.I. Skurikhin, A.G. Ivakhnenko, M.M. Amosov and A.A. Bakaev. Their students and followers successfully develop these directions in our country and abroad.

The International Center is the initiator of research and development of the concept of a new class of information technologies – intelligent information technologies. These are special, knowledge-intensive information technologies that differ from the known IT technologies in the processing of information along with technologies of software computation of technologies of new quality – operating images of information objects. Various configurations of intelligent IT provide an understanding of human speech, recognition of real and artificially created objects, active interaction with the environment, revealing the essence of the phenomenon, operating knowledge and the choice of strategy and tactics to achieve the goal. Functional possibilities and features of intelligent information technologies open new ways of solving complex problems in machine building, robotics, the space industry, processing of geophysical and other electronic maps, macro and microeconomics, security and defense capabilities of the country.

The International Center has obtained fundamental results in this field. The general theory of intelligent information technologies is successfully developing and its application in advanced information processing systems, in the creation of information and telecommunication environments and computer networks of a new generation. The world recognized were the created highly effective nonclassical structural methods and models of recognition, the fundamental results of the theory of figurative thinking, the processing of signals of complex physical nature, intellectual control, processing of textual information, which led to the possibility of accelerated creation of real intelligent information technologies.

A number of high-tech products are prepared for serial production and are produced at Ukrainian enterprises, among them “Video Securities”, “Vokofon”, IHP Analyzer, medical products “Phazagraf”, “Trenar”, “Diabetes”, etc. Developed tools, technologies and products for its functionality, the totality of technical and economic characteristics are at the level of the best foreign analogues, and for some of them analogues are absent.
Developing comprehensive studies of information technologies, the International Center made a significant contribution to solving the problems of the development of the information society and its consistent transition to the knowledge society, in determining the role and place of intellectual information technologies in the perspective models of the information society and the formation of a highly dynamic information space as an integral object. The dependence of the processes of development of the information society, the pace of informatization on the functional completeness of the information space and the level of information and technological interaction of its objects is noted.
Theoretical bases of innovative development of a complex of system information technologies are developed. A complex information and analytical system of intellectual support for operational solutions for managing social and economic processes has been created. The system is intended for use in analytical divisions of government bodies and worked through the example of an integrated assessment of the state of economic security in Ukraine. New stochastic models for solving a wide class of problems of analysis and optimization of information processing in multichannel managed queuing systems with a variable organization of the structure of processing and storage facilities. The obtained theoretical results were used in the development of the information model of the processes of lawmaking in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
The International Center proposes a perspective concept of creating alternative e-learning systems, oriented at the knowledge society. A highly effective flexible distance learning technology in real time with characteristics at the level of the best world achievements has been introduced. The original models and methods of creating technologies for continuous learning, multi-purpose educational and technological environments based on figurative information technologies are developed. A generalized electronic model of mass continuous cross-border education is formed on the basis of intelligent technological solutions to support the learning processes. Significant results were achieved within the framework of the work of the Ukrainian segment of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Program “Information for All”. Developed and submitted to UNESCO proposals on improving the mechanisms for the development of current and prospective Major Programs of UNESCO.
Using the methods of medical cybernetics, IT digital medicine has been created for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the most common serious diseases (cardiovascular, stroke, diabetes). On the basis of the Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No 3, a digital medicine center has been established. Intellectual information technologies for the treatment of severe diseases, developed in this center, are effectively used in many medical institutions in Ukraine. In the clinical setting of the Scientific and Practical Center for Prevention and Clinical Medicine of the State Administration of Affairs, comprehensive studies of advanced digital medicine technologies in the modes of current professional examination and dispensary treatment were conducted. The results of the studies confirmed the proper accuracy of diagnosis and examination in both hidden and expressed cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

A significant contribution to the formation of the national system of standards is made by the Technical Committee on the Standardization of Information Technologies. The current National System of Standards is constantly developing and currently has more than 3 thousand priority IT standards, which certainly contributes to the accelerated development of innovative processes in Ukraine in terms of the use of information technology.

Two recognized scientific journals are issued at the International Center – “Control Systems and Machines” and “Cybernetics and Computer Engineering”, whose interdisciplinary nature contributes to increasing the availability of exchange of accumulated knowledge and professional experience among researchers of various scientific fields.

The International Center as a research and educational organization was formed in a rather complicated period of the formation of our society, the development of Ukraine – the state and science as an important part of it. Having overcome numerous difficulties, the International Center became the leading organization in solving the priority problems of informatics and information technologies.

The prospects of the International Center are determined by the concept of its development for 2016-2023. As the comprehensive analysis has shown, the concept fully corresponds to world trends, united by the capacious term “digital transformation”, which covers the priorities of research in the field of information technology for 5-10 years.

Today it is necessary to develop fundamental research on the theory of figurative thinking and the general theory of intelligent information technologies, which will allow creating classes of new promising intellectual information technologies oriented to their wide use in many spheres of human and social activities. This opens up new opportunities in solving problems related to the term “smart”: “smart device”, “smart enterprise”, “smart equipment”, “smart transport”, “smart economy”, etc.

In complex studies of intelligent information technologies and systems, the theory of synergetics of the information space, the theory of information interaction should be developed. It is necessary to expand the research of the system model of the information society and technologies of its development, taking into account modern requirements to the sustainability of functioning, achievement of social and economic development and information security.

Demand for the accelerated development of the theory of intellectual management and information systems. New technologies are essential for solving the problems of modern robotics, creating onboard and ground control systems for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles.

It is extremely topical to develop research and development work initiated by the State Scientific and Technical Program “Imagery Computer”, the development of which approved the authority of Ukraine in posing and solving new, rather complex problems of Computer Science.

It is necessary to expand the research program in the field of computer learning technologies in such areas as technologies for accelerated learning, digital didactics for pre-school children, students, students, professionals and adults. Cooperation with UNESCO stipulates the accelerated creation of information technologies for teaching in the context of the multilingualism of cyberspace and the preservation of languages.

In the field of intelligent IT in biology and medicine, mobile technologies and devices acquire special significance. A significant place in the development of such technologies is the implementation of urgent tasks of monitoring and restoring personal health of a person on the basis of mobile applications that provide virtual communication between the patient and the doctor via the Internet.

The International Center has formed a program of work for the coming years and identifies the mechanisms for its implementation in the context of the rapid development of intellectualization of information technologies in all spheres of society.

The team has accumulated sufficient experience and potential for the proper organization of scientific research on the main activities of the International Center.

Cor. member of NAS of Ukraine V.I. Gritsenko