Contents, N6, 2016


Control Systems and Computers, N 6 (266), 2016

Title, Contents. P.1-2.

The Fundamental and Applied Problems of Information Science and Information Technologies

Palagin A.V. An Introduction to the Class of the ransdisciplinary Ontology-controled Research Design Systems. P. 3-11.

Rytsar B.Ye. A Simple Numeric Set-Theoretical Method of the Logic Differential Calculus. P. 12-23.

The Visual Thinking

Gritsenko V.I., Fainzilberg L.S., Kravchenko A.N., Korchynskaya Z.A., Orikhovskaya K.B., Pasko V.S., Stanislavskaya S.S. Cognitive Graphic Images in the Problem of Estimating the Body’s Reaction to the Load by Phasegraphy Method. P. 24-33.

Informatics Hardware Facilities

Barkalov А.А., Titarenko L.A., Vizor Ya.Ye.,  Matvienko A.V. An Optimal State Assignment for the Combined Automation. P. 34-39.

Bagirova S.A. Analysis of Queuing-Inventory Systems with Instantaneous Service and Variable Size of Order. P. 40-47.

Information and Communication Environments

Ilnitskiy A.I, Burba O.I., Pasichnyk O.O. The Statistic Characteristics of the Information Sources Emission Indication During Radio Monitoring of the Telecommunication Nets. P. 48-58.

The Methods and Means of Data Knowledge Processing

Levykin V.M., Chalaya O.V. The Model of Knowledge-Intensive Business Process for the Process Mining. P. 59-66, 72.

Bodjanskiy Ye.V., Strukov V.M., Uzlov D.Yu. The Task of the Proximity Estimation of Multidimensional Objects of the Data Analysis. P. 67-72.

Moroz O.H. Sorting-Out the GMDH Algorithm with  the Genetic Search of Optimal Model. P. 73-79.

Supplement. The Elaboration and Application

Lytvyn O.N., Drahun V.V. A Method for Finding the Spatial Distribution of the Slowness on the Basis of the First Approximation in the Mine Seismic Tomography. P. 80-88.

Systematic Index of Articles Published in 2016. P. 89-91.

Alphabetical Index of Names, 2016. P. 92.

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