Contents, N3, 2016


Theory of Systems and Intellectual Management

Kryvyi S.L. The Formal Optological Models in the Scientific Researches. pp. 4-15.

Informatics Hardware Facilities

Barkalov A.A., Titarenko L.A., Vizor Ya.Ye., Matvienko A.V., Gorina V.V. Synthesis of Combined Finite State Machine with FPGAs. pp. 16 -22.

Intellectual Informational Technologies and Systems

Chaliy S.F., Levykin I.V. The Development of a Generalized Process Model Case-Based Reasoning, the Method of its Formation and Use. pp. 23-28, 42.

The Methods and Means of Data Knowledge Processing

Oursatyev A.A. Some Frameworks for Analytics Big Data. pp. 29-42.

Information and Communication Environments

Vasyanin V.A. Computer Simulation of the Distribution and Discrete Multicommodity Flows Routing in a Communication Network. pp. 43-53.

Program Engineering and Software

Bibilo P.N., Loginova I.P. The Energy-Intensive Testing Sets Selection for Realization of the Increased Power Consumption Mode of the Combinational CMOS Circuits. pp. 54-60.

Chebotarev A.N. On Automata Minimization by Hopcroft’s Algorithm. pp. 61-70.

Supplement. The Elaboration and Application

Lytvyn O.N., Drahun V.V. The Method of Finding the First Approximation to Solve the Problem of Mint Seismic Tomography in the Heterogeneous Environment. pp. 71-83.

Savchenko Ye.A., Tutova Ye.V. Forecasting of the Gross Regional Product for Ukrainian Regions Based on the Inductive Approach. pp. 84-92.

Our Authors. pp. 95.