Contents, N4 (304), 2023


Contents. pp. 1-2.

Fundamental Problems in Computer Science

Tymofijeva N.KObjective Function in Combinatorial Optimization and Its Properties. pp. 3-11

Sydorenko Iu.V., Horodetskyi M.V. Modification of the Algorithm for Defining Polygonal Geometry of an Object for Polypoint Transformations. pp. 12-18

 Intelligent Information Technologies and Systems

Sazhok M.M., Robeiko V.V., Smoliakov Ye.A., Zabolotko T.O., Seliukh R.A., Fedoryn D.Ya., Yukhymenko O.A. Modeling of Domain Openness in Speech Information Technologies Language. pp. 19-28

Voloschuk R.V. Integral Assessment of the State of the Social Sphere of Economic Security of Ukraine. pp. 29-38


Tarasich Yu.H., Soloshenko H.O. Neurosymbolic Approach in Biological Research. pp. 39-51 

Manako A.F. Interdisciplinary Research Contexts for Continuous E-Learning. pp. 52-63

Kobzar T.A., Krychok T.V., Semikhova O.S. Information-Structural Model of Formation of Stress-induced Somatic Disorders Considering Constitutional Typespp. 64-72

Our Authors. pp. 73-74

Instruction. pp. 75-78

Alphabetical Index of Names, 2023. pp. 79

Systematic Index of Articles Published in 2023. pp. 80