Contents, N3 (303), 2023


Contents. pp. 1-2.

In memory of Volodymyr Gritsenko. pp. 3-4

Fundamental Problems in Computer Science

Krygin V.M. Using Gibbs Sampling to Estimate the Solution of the Unpaired Learning Problem. pp. 5-14

Marchenko O.O., Nasirov E.M. Methods of Dimensions Reduction in Text Processing Algorithms. pp. 15-23

Radchenko O.V., Pavlov V.A., Horodetska O.K., Korniienko G.A. Multiclass Classifier Based on Binary Logistic Regressions Obtained According to the Principles of GMDH. pp. 24-32

Intelligent Information Technologies and Systems

Oursatyev O.A. Data Research in Industrial Data Mining Projects in the Big Data Generation Era . pp. 33-53

Dvoichenkov D.D. Knowledge Graphs and Large Language Models. pp. 54-60

Zosimov V.V., Bulgakova O.S. Optimizing Computational Performance with OpenMP Parallel Programming Techniques. pp. 61-68


Holiachenko A.M., Lіushenko L.A. Software Expert System for Choosing Cryptocurrency Forecasting Algorithms in Real-Time. pp. 69-76

Our Authors. pp. 77-78

Instruction. pp. 79-80