Contents, N2 (302), 2023

Control Systems and Computers, N 2 (302), 2023


Contents. pp. 1-2.

100th anniversary of the birth of Viktor Glushkov. pp. 3-4

Fundamental Problems in Computer Science

Pavlova S.V., Chepizhenko V.I., Blahaia L.V. Models of Operator Activity for a Remote UAV Pilot. pp. 5-18

Surovtsev I.V., Sieriebriakov A.KMethod of Elements Identification in the Multicomponent Signal. pp. 19-26

Bazan L.I., Kucha D.O. Competitiveness of Transport and Logistics System in the Period of Digital Transformation of the Economy. pp. 27-36

Intelligent Information Technologies and Systems

Vdovychenko V.V., Zosimov V.V. Advanced 3D Modeling System Utilizing Photogrammetric Techniques. pp. 37-44


Synytsya K.M. Model of Development of Continuous-Learning. pp. 45-60

Tiutiunnyk P.B., Rybachok N.A. Analysis of Tasks Parameters of Solve the Problem of Determining Delays and Risks in Agile Projects. pp. 61-66

Artemenko V.B., Artemenko O.V. Analysis of the Dynamics of Synthetic Indicators of the Quality of Life in View of The Influence on Them of the Determinant of State Economic Policy. pp. 67-77

Our Authors. pp. 78-79

Instruction. pp. 80