Contents, N3 (299), 2022

Control Systems and Computers, N 3 (299), 2022


Contents. pp. 1-2.

Fundamental Problems in Computer Science

Sydorenko Iu.V., Onysko A.I., Shaldenko O.V., Horodetskyi M.V. Interpolation of Different Types of Spiral-Like Curves by Gaus-Interpolation Methods. pp. 3-10

Intelligent Information Technologies and Systems

Petrenko M.G., Palagin O.V., Boyko, M.O., Matveyshyn S.M. Knowledge-Oriented Tool Complex for Developing Databases of Scientific Publications and Taking into account Semantic Web Technology pp. 11-28

Sukhoruchkina O.M., Progonnyi M.V. System Of The Intellectualized Video Monitoring for Goal-Directed Interaction with Autonomous Mobile Robot. pp. 29-38

Serebriakov A.K., Bogachuk Yu.P., Bondar S.O., Simakhin V.M. Fundamental Frequencies Contour Extraction Based on the Extended Harmonic-Percussive Source Separation. pp. 39-52


Manako A.FSystematic Investigation of Continuous E-Learning as a Complex Information System. pp. 53-62

Bulgakova O.S., Zosimov V.V., Kudriavtsev A.V. Application of Procedural Generation Algorithms in Real-Time Game Strategy Environment Based on the MVC Concept. pp. 63-70

Ivanov V.V., Kutsyak O.А., Vovk M.I.  Information Technology “MYOBALANCE-STIMUL” for Diagnostics and Correction of Scoliosis Posture Disorders. pp. 71-79

Instruction for the Authors. pp. 80

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