Contents, N2 (298), 2022

Control Systems and Computers, N 2 (298), 2022


Contents. pp.1-2.

Fundamental Problems in Computer Science

Krygin V.M., Shylo M.K. Creating Slides from Video Lecture. pp. 3-10

Kryvyi S.L., Nortman Yu.OA Protocol for Exchange Information on the Base of Linear Functions and Operators. pp. 11-20

Barkalov O.O., Titarenko L.O., Golovin O.M., Matvienko O.V. Optimization of the Mealy Automaton Circuit in the FPGA Basis. pp. 21-32

Intelligent Information Technologies and Systems

Moroz O.H., Linder Ya.MProblem of Сonstructing the GMDH Neural Networks with Active Neurons. pp. 33-42


Zelinsky V.A., Lуsochenko S.V., Ilchenko V.V., Nikiforov M.M., Kulsky O.L., Krychta V.V. Determination of Vibration Object’ Coordinate on Surface of Earth. pp. 43-55

Voiter A.PAdaptive Control at The Link Layer of the Packet Radio Networks pp. 56-63

Savchenko-Syniakova Ye.A., Savchenko K.YuMathematical Modeling of the Optimal Training Load in the Sailing. pp. 64-69


Bilyk V.K. Simple and Visual Algorithm for Factorizing Integer Numbers. pp. 70-76

Instruction for the Authors. pp. 77-78

Our Authors. pp. 79-80