Contents, N1 (297), 2022

Control Systems and Computers, N 1 (297), 2022


Contents. pp.1-2.

Fundamental Problems in Artificial Intelligent

Gritsenko V.I. The State of Art and  Prospects Development for the Intelligent Information Technologies. To the 25th Anniversary of the International Research and Training Centre for Information Technologies and Systems. pp. 3-14

Schlesinger M.I. Solution of Soft Constraints Problems via Their Reparametrization. pp. 15-23

Anisimov A.V. The Problem of Graphs Local Optimization and Its Applications. pp. 24-31

Tymofijeva N.K. Sign Combinatorial Spaces, Finite Sequences and Logarithmic Spirals. pp. 32-43

Information Technologies in Digital Medicine

Fainzilberg L.S. 25 Years of Experience in Creating and Implementing Intellectual it for Processing of Complex Form Biomedical Signals. pp. 44-63

Intelligent Control Systems

Volkov O.Ye., Shepetukha Yu.M., Bogachuk Yu.P., Komar M.M., Volosheniuk D.O. Experience in Development and Implementation of Intelligent Systems for Control of Dynamic Objects. pp. 64-81

Our Authors. pp. 82