Contents, N5-6 (295-296), 2021

Control Systems and Computers, N 5-6 (295-296), 2021


Contents. pp.1-2.

Fundamental Problems in Computer Science

Grechaninov V.F., Lopushansky A.V., Ieremenko T.K. Development Prospects of the Software-Hardware Complex of Hierarchical Control Systems. pp. 3-9

Sheredeko Yu.LCybernetics and development technology. Basic definitions. pp. 10-24

Revunova O.G., Tyshcuk O.V., Desiateryk О.О. On the Generalization of the Random Projection Method for Problems of the Recovery of Object Signal Described by Models of Convolution Type. C. 25-34

Intelligent Information Technologies and Systems

Babak O.V., Tatarinov O.E. Cognitive Modelling of the State of an Object-Based on a Thought Experiment. pp. 35-44

Moroz O.H. The Problem of Constructing the GMDH Neural Networks with Active Neurons. pp. 45-54

Khodyakova H.V., Khodyakova N.V., Pozdeev V.A. Full Text Search Setup on a Website. pp. 55-60

Morozova A.I., Kozlova V.P. Information Architecture of a Modern Enterprise in the Period of General Digitalization of the Economy. pp. 61-71


Bodyk O.P. MOODLE Platform as a Tool for Implementing Distance Learning in the Process of Training Future Teachers of Foreign Languages. pp. 72-87

Kovalenko O.S., Kozak L.M., Gorshkov Ye.V., Najafian Tumajani M., Maresova T.A. Integration Environment Software Module for Accumulation and Exchange of Digital Medical Data. pp. 88-99

Our Authors. pp. 100-101

Instruction for the Authors. pp. 102-103

Alphabetical Index of Names, 2021. pp. 104-105

Systematic Index of Articles Published in 2021. pp. 106