Contents, N2-3 (292-293), 2021

Control Systems and Computers, N 2-3 (292-293), 2021


Contents. pp.1-2.

Fundamental Problems in Computer Science

Gritsenko V.I., Bazhan L.I. Qualimetric Approach to Modeling Estimates of the Synergy Effect of Functioning Transportation and Logistics System. pp. 3-19.

Vololazskiy Ye.V. A Modification of the Frechet Distance for Nonisomorphic Trees. pp. 20-27.

Fainzilberg L.S., Dykach  Ju.R. Development of a Linguistic Approach to the Problem of the Computer Electrocardiogram’s Classifications. pp. 28-39.

Barkalov O.O., Titarenko L.O., Golovin O.M., Matvienko O.V. Optimization of a Composition Microprogram Control Unit with Elementary Circuits. pp. 40-51.

Intelligent Information Technologies and Systems

Tiutiunnyk P.B., Rybachok N.A. Creating Web Application for Organizing Team Work on Line Using Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. pp. 52-59.

Terokhin V.L., Stervoyedov M.G., Ridozub O.V. Application Of The IoT Technology And Cloud Services For Radiation Monitoring. pp. 60-68.

Strokan O.V., Pryima S.M., Rogushina Yu.V., Gladun A.Ya., Lubko D.V., Mozgovenko A.A. AdvisOnt: Semantization of Agricultural Advisory Services for Validation of Outcomes of Non-Formal and Informal Learning. II. pp. 69-83.


Qusyairi M., Sudarma M., Dharma A. Designing Data Warehouse Model Using Benefit Cost Ratio Analysis Method. pp. 84-91.


Bilyk V.K. Creation of a Visual Model of the Atomic Structure as a Possible Element of a Quantum Computer. pp. 92-104.

Our Authors. pp. 105-107.

Instruction for the Authors. pp. 108.