Contents, N1 (291), 2021

Control Systems and Computers, N 1 (291), 2021


Contents. pp.1-2.

Fundamental Problems in Computer Science

Rytsar B.Ye., Belovolov А.O. A New Method of the Logical Functions Minimization in the Polynomial Set-Theoretical Format. «Handshaking» Procedure. pp. 3-14.

Tymofijeva N.К. Using Periodicity Properties to Generate the Combinatorial Configurations. pp. 15-28.

Vodolazskiy Ye.V. Frechet Similarity Between Two Ambiguously Defined Polygonal Lines. pp. 29-34.

Intelligent Information Technologies and Systems

Savchenko-Synyakova Ye.A., Tutova O.V. The Tools for Intelligent Data Analysis, Modeling and Forecasting of Social and Economic Processes. pp. 35-47.

Muzaliova V.O., Maidaniuk N.V. Digital Business Model of an Industrial Enterprise. pp. 48-61.

Strokan O.V., Pryima S.M., Rogushina Yu.V., Gladun A.Ya., Lubko D.V., Mozgovenko A.A. AdvisOnt: Semantization of Agricultural Advisory Services for Validation of Outcomes of Non-Formal and Informal Learning. I. pp. 62-70.


Kruzhnova S.Yu., Fursina A.D. Evaluation of the Reliability of Lifting Cranesmetal Structures. pp. 71-77.

Our Authors. pp. 78-79.

Instruction for the Authors. pp. 80.