Contents, N4 (288), 2020

Control Systems and Computers, N 4 (288), 2020


Contents. pp.1-2.

In Commemorial of President of National Academy of Science of Ukraine Academician B.Ye.Paton. pp. 3-4.

Fundamental Problems in Computer Science

Barkalov A.A., Titarenko L.A., Vizor Y.E., Matvienko A.V. Synthesis of Circuit of Combined Automation with Reducing Area of Nano-PLA. pp. 5-14.

Palagin O.V., Bahatskyi V.O., Bahatskyi O.V. A New Approach To Determining The Quality of Public Utilities. pp. 15-23.

Intelligent Information Technologies and Systems

Meytus V.Yu., Morozova G.I., Taran L.Yu., Kozlova V.P., Muzaliova V.O. Smart Enterprise – Basic Properties and Directions of Development. pp. 24-35.

Tokova O.V., Surovtsev I.V. Application of the Adaptive Filtration Method for Foundry Monitoring Tasks. pp. 36-54.

Pidnebesna H.A., Pavlov A.V., Stepashko V.S. Ontology-Based Approach to Development of Inductive Modeling Tools with the Intelligent Interface. pp. 55-65.


Belik V.KQuantum Computing and Quantum Computers: the Electron’s Trajectory Around the Nucleus in the Atom. pp. 66-77.

Our Authors. pp. 78-79.

Instruction for the Authors. pp. 80.