Control Systems and Computers, N2, 2020, Article 3

Control Systems and Computers, 2020, Issue 2 (286), pp. 23-29.

UDK  364.2:331; 681.513

L.M. KOLIECHKINA, Doctor of Physical and mathematical sciences, Professor, University of Lodz, 22 Banaha st., Lodz, 90-238, Poland,

 O.A. DVIRNA, PhD, Physical and mathematical, Assistant, Poltava University of Economics and Trade, 3 Koval st., Poltava, 36000, Ukraine,

A.M. NAHIRNA, PhD, Physical and mathematical, Associate Professor, National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, 2 Skovoroda st. , Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine,


The article is devoted to the problem of constructing and solving mathematical models of applied problems as multiobjective problems on combinatorial configurations. This question is an actual branch because any task of optimal design of complex economic and technical systems, technological devices, planning, and management etc. requires that the desired solution be found consider many criteria.

It is used transfer to Euclidian combinatorial configurations and using discrete optimizations methods. Method for solving such problems is considered and it includes the analysis of structural graph of Euclidean combinatorial configurations sets. These methods can be modified by combining with other multiobjective optimization approaches depending on the initial conditions of the problem.

Models for defining real estate contribution plans and production planning as multiobjective discrete problems are proposed. These models can be supplemented as needed by the required functions and, depending on the initial conditions, are presented as tasks on different sets of combinatorial configurations.

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 Keywords: optimization problems, combinatorial configurations, Euclidean combinatorial set, optimization problems model, optimal solutions set.

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Received 14.04.2020