Control Systems and Computers, N6, 2017, Article 10


Upr. sist. maš., 2017, Issue 6 (272), pp. 84-90.

UDC 681.518

Sergiy V. Melnikov – PhD (Eng.), Senior research fellow, Е-mail:

Sergiy O. Bondar – Senior engineer, Е-mail:

Olexander Ye. Volkov – Research fellow, Е-mail:

Oleksiy Yu. Gospodarchuk – Research fellow, Е-mail:

Department of intelligent control, International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies and Systems of NAS of Ukraine and MES of Ukraine. Ad.: 40, Glushkova ave., Kyiv, 03187, Ukraine

Modern Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Control Systems

The automatic control systems of the modern unmanned aerial vehicles are considered.  The description of the negative factors and their influence on UAV autopilot and ways of their correction are considered.

Keywords: Autopilot, UAV, GPS-spoofing, interception, reservation.

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Received 04.10.2017