Contents, N2 (286), 2020

Control Systems and Computers, N 2 (286), 2020


Contents. pp.1-2.

Fundamental Problems in Computer Science

Petrushenko A.M. The Principle of Firmware Control and Design Automation of Operating Devices. II. pp. 3-11.

Kyyko V.M., Matsello V.VObject Tracking at Video Monitoring. pp. 12-22.

Koliechkina L.M., Dvirna O.A., Nahirna A.M. Construction of a Mathematical Model of Multiobjective Optimization on Permutations. pp. 23-29.

Intelligent Information Technologies and Systems

Maidaniuk N.VApplication of IoT Technologies for Cyber-physical Systems of a Sensible Enterprise. pp. 30-40.

Savchenko Ye.A., Savchenko M.Yu. The Transfer Learning Task as the Means of Metalearning Tasks Solution. pp. 41-54.


Osypenko V.V., Kaplun V.V., Voronenko M.ODynamic Valuation Modelling of Cost and Electricity Consumption Over Local Objects with Intellectual Governance. pp. 55-65.

Pidnebesna H.ABioproductivity of Dnieper Reservoirs Analysis by Inductive Methods. pp. 66-76.

Our Authors. pp. 77-78.

Instruction for the Authors. pp. 79-80.