Contents, N6 (284), 2019

Control Systems and Computers, N 6 (284), 2019


Contents. pp.1-2.

The memory of Corr. member of NAS Ukraine of Borys Malinovskyy. pp. 3-4.

Fundamental Problems in Computer Science

Letychevskyi O.O.Hryniuk Ya.V.Yakovlev V.M. Algebraic Approach to Vulnerabilities Formalization in the Binary Code. pp. 5-20.

Nahirna A.M. Quadratic Problem on Combinations Set and Method of its Solution. pp. 21-27.

 Intelligent Information Technologies and Systems

Savchenko Ye.A., Rybachok N.AMetalearning as One of the Task of the Machine Learning Problems. pp. 28-34.

Lozinskiy A.P. Synthesis of Cloud Computing Platform Technologies. pp. 35-45.

Sazhok M.M., Seliukh R.A., Fedoryn D.Ya., Yukhymenko O.A., Robeiko V.V.
Automatic Speech Recognition For Ukrainian Broadcast Media Transcribing. pp. 46-57.

Sukhoruchkina O.N. The Virtual Sensors for Intelligent Control of the Mobile Robot. pp. 58-65.


Antonyuk Ya.MDiagnostic Methods and Traffic Management on Campus Networks. pp. 66-72.

Our Authors. pp. 73-74.

Instruction for the Authors. pp. 75-76.

Alphabetical Index of Names, 2019. pp. 77.

Systematic Index of Articles Published in 2019. pp. 78-80.