Contents, N2-3 (292), 2021

Control Systems and Computers, N 2-3 (292), 2021


Contents. pp.1-2.

Fundamental Problems in Computer Science

Gritsenko V.I., Bazhan L.I. Qualimetric Approach to Modeling the Estimates of the Synergy Effect of Functioning Transportation and Logistics System. pp.

Fainzilberg L.S., Dykach  Ju.R. Development of a Linguistic Approach to the Problem of the Computer Electrocardiogram’s Classifications. pp. 

Barkalov O.O., Titarenko L.O., Golovin O.M., Matvienko O.V. Optimization of a Composition Microprogram Control Unit with Elementary Circuits. pp. 

Intelligent Information Technologies and Systems

Tyutyunnik P., Rybachok N.A. Using Microsoft Cloud Platform Services Azure to Сreate a Web Application from the Organization of Teamwork Online. pp.

Terokhin V.L., Stervoyedov M.G., Ridozub O.V. Application Of The IoT Technology And Cloud Services For Radiation Monitoring. pp.

Strokan O.V., Pryima S.M., Rogushina Yu.V., Gladun A.Ya., Lubko D.V., Mozgovenko A.A. AdvisOnt: Semantization of Agricultural Advisory Services for Validation of Outcomes of Non-Formal and Informal Learning. II. pp.


Qusyairi M., Sudarma M., Dharma A. Designing Data Warehouse Model Using Benefit Cost Ratio Analysis Method. pp.

Doroshenko V.S., Tokova O.V. Procedure for the Preparation of Samples for Identification of Properties of the Metal by Thermal Analysis with the Ability to Optimize Casting Designs. pp.


Bilyk V.K. Creation of a Visual Model of the Atomic Structure as a Possible Element of a Quantum Computer. pp. 

Our Authors. pp. 

Instruction for the Authors. pp.