Contents, N4 (300), 2022

Control Systems and Computers, N 4 (300), 2022


Contents. pp.1-2.

Fundamental Problems in Computer Science

Zelinsky V.A., Lуsochenko S.V., Ilchenko V.V., Sheredeko Yu.L. Algorithms for Separating the Sum of Vibrations and Identifying their Sources. pp. 3-12

Horbatyuk V.O., Horbatyuk S.O. Methods for Сhecking the Resistance to http Attacks on a Smart Home by Algebraic Comparison. pp. 13-23

Intelligent Information Technologies and Systems

Grechaninov V.F., Lopushansky A.V, Oksanych I.M. Use of Cloud Technologies to Solve Issues of Information Integration in Multi-Level Management Systems. pp. 24-34

Matvieishyn S.M., Petrenko M.G. Information and Analytical Complex of Automation of Administrative and Management Activities of Scientific Institutions of The NAS of Ukraine. pp. 35-46

Babak O.V., Tatarinov O.E., Sieriebriakov A.K., Yakovenko I.M. The Quasi-Orthogonalization Approach to Solving the Multicollinearity Problem of Empirical Data. pp. 47-53


Vovk M.I., Horbanov V.M., Ivanov V.V., Kutsyak O.А., Matsaienko A.M., Shevchenko A.B. Information Technology for Personalized Control of the Coordination of Cyclical Movements of the Limbs. pp. 54-63

Kovalenko O.S., Kozak L.M., Romanyuk O.O., Kryvova O.A. Informational and Software Module “ClinAss” for Registration and Analysis of Clinical Data About the Patient’s Condition. pp. 64-72

Belov V.M., Kobzar T.A., Krychok T.V., Kozlovska V.O. The Use of Methodical Complex for Assessment of the Functional State of a Person Taking Into Account His Inclination to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders. pp. 73-80

Instruction for the Authors. pp. 81

Alphabetical Index of Names, 2022. pp. 82

Systematic Index of Articles Published in 2022. pp. 83-84

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