Control Systems and Computers, N6, 2017, Article 8


Upr. sist. maš., 2017, Issue 6 (272), pp. 65-70.

UDC 629.7.077

Dmytro A. Voloshenyuk – Research fellow, Department of intelligent control, International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies and Systems of NAS of Ukraine and MES of Ukraine, 40, Glushkova ave., Kyiv, 03187, Ukraine, E-mail:

Airplane Landing by the Curvilinear Glide Paths in Limits of the Border Trajectories 
Modelling Method

A new airplane landing method, that would correspond to the modern civil aviation requirements and assured ecological and economical level enhancement is considered. We present the generation method (calculation and construction) development and modeling of the virtual curvilinear airplane landing descending glide path in the limits of the border trajectories with sustaining of own individual, optimal vertical landing descending profile from flight level to the runway threshold.

Keywords: airplane landing, curvilinear glide paths, border trajectories, modeling, aviation safety.

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Received 04.10.2017